Monthly Newsletters

Dear Parents,

As February is fast approaching, I wanted to make you aware of upcoming events. Although we have had a mild winter thus far, we still want to remind everyone to send their child to school with mittens, a hat, a warm coat and boots when appropriate. 

 Registration for 2022/2023

For those of you who wish to, but have not yet, please send in your registration and $250 deposit for next school year ASAP. We have been receiving a lot of interest from the general public and we would hate for you to be closed out of a class.

Yoga with Miss Jeanine

Little Blessings will be offering a yoga class once a month with Miss Jeanine.  Please see her attached introductory letter and information on poses that have been introduced to review with your children at home.  

 Valentine’s Day Parties

Students and teachers will celebrate Valentine’s Day in their classrooms.  We will need a special snack or treat for that day. Your class mother may contact you to sign up for a healthy or sweet snack.  

If your child is intending on giving Valentine cards or treats to classmates, please do not write the recipient’s name on the card or envelope. This makes them easier for teachers to distribute.  Simply write your child’s name as the sender and bring in enough cards for each student in your child’s class.