News from the Pastor


News from the Pastor

A Message from Pastor Schwalbe - March 2017Pastor Schwalbe

We have found ourselves in Lent again. A time when we think about what Jesus has done for us and who we are called to be as people who follow him. One of our son's friends was over who is Jewish. We said something about Lent and he said, "Isn't that the time when Christians don't eat stuff?" I am always interested to hear what other people know about our traditions, and it seems this might be the only thing many people know about Lent - you have to give something up. It certainly is the advertised reason for Lent - I remember the McDonald's commercials as a kid that talked about the McFish Sandwiches on Friday because you weren't supposed to eat meat. While you may choose to give something up this Lent, I hope and pray this Lent will be more to you than just not "eating stuff." Perhaps you will find it a time to think about how you practice your Christianity, what matters to you, how you act toward your neighbor. And maybe if you do that you will find your walk with Jesus deepened.   


Pr. Nicole