News from the Pastor


News from the Pastor

A Message from Pastor Schwalbe Pastor Schwalbe

We recently held our confirmation service. It was a lovely – and very hot - day! We were worshipping outside, of course, and while other Sundays people have been fighting for the spots in the sun, on this day everyone parked their chairs under the big shade tree right in front of the building. This caused a bit of a dilemma because the altar was facing straight ahead and the people were all sitting off to the side. After a moment of panic, thinking, “Wait, they can’t sit there. They are supposed to sit in front of the altar, because that is where the confirmation students’ chairs are set up,” I realized how silly I was being. The confirmation students’ chairs were moveable! And all I needed to do was pick up the table we are using as an altar and face it towards the people. We faced a different direction this Sunday, and it was a beautiful service. So often we assume things have to be a certain way and we panic a bit when they are not. But in those moments even a tiny shift in the way we see things can make a big difference. I only had to move the table 45 degrees. It was no big deal. And what really mattered on this day was the fact that we were all there to worship God and to celebrate with these wonderful young people. COVID has caused us to shift in many ways. Some of those ways have been uncomfortable. But I hope it has also taught us what is important. I hope it has given us a new perspective. And I hope it helps us to know that so many things we get wrapped up in God probably shrugs her shoulders at, instead asking us what really matters. As we emerge from COVID I pray we have the eyes, hearts and spirits to keep thinking about what really matters and to help each other remember that the chairs and altar might just be moveable when we get wrapped up in the rest.


Pr. Nicole