News from the Pastor


News from the Pastor

A Message from Pastor Schwalbe - April 2017Pastor Schwalbe

"In the light of eternity, this thing that you're so worried about right now - is it really going to mean anything on your deathbed?"  I was struck by these words earlier this week as I listened to an interview with a man named Richard Rohr, a Franciscan spiritual teacher. It was especially poignant because I was headed to the burial of a 92-year-old woman. I began to pray that I would let this question soak into my soul. I think about so many of the things that I get worked up about that in the grand arc of history don't really matter.  I wish I could be better at keeping in perspective what is important. As I stepped out of the car, away from the interview and onto the cemetery lawn I started to notice what was written on the tombstones. Most of them said things like "Beloved mother," "Loving Father," "Darling sister." None of them said, "Outstanding Business Man," "Cleanest House in Upper Westchester," or "Best dresser." What mattered in the end for all of these people were the relationships they had been a part of in their lives. And it is the same for us. What matters in the end is how we have loved and been loved. The rest is just extra. So, why is it that all of that "extra" can get us worked up when what we really should be asking ourselves is how well we are loving one another? Perhaps you can ask yourself this question today. And pray with me that we learn to remember what matters and relax about the rest!   


Pr. Nicole